Here's How You Can Buy One or More Businesses and Create Real Wealth... EVEN IF YOU HAVE VERY LITTLE OR NO MONEY TO START...

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"LeCorps has drawn on his investment banking background and personal experience to write a helpful primer that exposes entrepreneurs to the ins and outs of buying a business using as little of their own money as possible."


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Literally Buy Your Income Even If You Have Very Little Or No Money...

Plus Learn How To Create Wealth Helping Business Owners Sell Their Business With a Special 40-page Bonus eBook

Successful Entrepreneur Teaches YOU His Strategies and Techniques That Anyone Can Use To Create Residual Income and Wealth By Buying Small Businesses Even if You Have Very Little or No Money!


Rudy LeCorps – President

RGL Publishing
PO Box 52

Jersey City, NJ 07303

Dear Friend,

If you would like to know how someone can start with very little or no money... and then, buy one or more small businesses with little or no money down, this is going to be one of the most interesting letters you will ever read.

Are you interested in discovering proven step-by-step techniques for dramatically increasing your wealth, residual income and net worth?

Would you like to buy your own business, but do not have enough money?  If so, I know you’ll find this letter extremely valuable, whether you are:

An aspiring entrepreneur with a strong desire to own a business

A current business owner who wants to expand a business

Currently employed but do not want to solely rely on an employer

An investor looking for an alternative to the stock market

The strategies and techniques contained in this package are proven to work for everyday people. No one should rely on an employer or the government to provide for his or her financial well-being and future.

It is possible for anyone to create current and future passive income by buying existing businesses from owners who are changing career or retiring. That does not mean that if you’re employed, you have to quit your day job.

It means, however, that you should be mindful of today’s corporate environment and not rely solely on linear income producing activities (i.e. a job).  Unless you’re an executive with a company, in which you have a large ownership stake (wealth).

Everyone should take full responsibility for his or her financial “security” because there is no one else to blame. The easiest way to secure your financial independence is to take ownership of existing businesses that have a proven record of generating profits for its owner.

Anyone With Patience And Guidance Can Buy A Business

If the cash needed to purchase a business is a concern, you have in your hand right now the solution to your problems.  This guide was written to help you go pass this obstacle.

Although buying a business always requires cash, that cash, however, does not have to be yours! There is a number of practical and easy to implement strategies that anyone can use to finance the purchase of a business even if the necessary capital is not available.

In addition, there are hundreds of investment firms and individual investors with billions of dollars looking for ways to make their money work for them. In the Internet age today, you can bypass the banks and go directly to individuals like you to borrow money for your venture. Just visit and you will know what I mean.

It is in fact possible (and common) to take ownership of a business with none of the buyer’s own money. All that is needed is a solid business plan for the business you intend to buy, and an offer that the seller has accepted.

Assuming that you, as the buyer, are skilled in the “art” of buying businesses, money should not be an object.  Each year, investment firms (such as Small Business Investment Corporations or SBICs) are forced to return billions of dollars to their investors because they are unable to find good investment opportunities.

In this package, I will teach you the “art” of buying businesses and present you with a systematic plan that will help you to take ownership of a business even when you do not have personal funds available for the purchase.

It is important to note that it is always better and less time-consuming to use your own money if possible.  However, if you do not have sufficient funds, you should not let that hold you back.

This course will show you how to find, effectively value, and package a business, such that you will be able to buy it even if you may not have personal funds to do so.

I will also provide you with sources of funding that you can easily find on the Internet and that you can start to contact immediately to get started.  (WARNING: Do not borrow money from friends and family when buying your business!)

All I ask is that you remain persistent, focused and dedicated to the task of buying your business, until the day you close on the transaction.  With these qualities, I give you my personal guarantee that your success is certain.

I promised to you that I will show you...

What Took Me Several Years to Perfect!

And because I have helped numerous clients to buy (and have personally bought) businesses with very little or no money down, the information contained in this package is not simply a bunch of words to convince you to buy my course!  It is practical advice based on real-world experience from someone who has gone there and done it! (Read Black Enterprise Magazine Article Featuring me...

In fact, in this comprehensive package, I will present you with a systematic plan that will help you to take ownership of a business even when you do not have personal funds available for the purchase.

What’s more, those who decide to own this package this month, will get totally lucky!

My partners have tried to convince me not to do that. However, I am ignoring them this time. I have decided to not only teach you about my techniques for purchasing businesses with no money down. 

But I am also -- for this promotion only -- giving away my personal home-based business system for free (see bonus section below). Some Franchise companies charge thousands for such a system. You get it from me for free, because I truly want to help you reach your goals and be successful.

You see, you do not have to actually buy small businesses at all to make tons of money WITH small businesses.  In a minute, I will tell you about the TWO principal techniques I have used to make money with small businesses without spending a penny, or owning them. You will be able to do the same.

Here is a Partial List of What You Will Learn About No-Money Down Financing

This program is so comprehensive, it will teach you all the tricks and techniques you need to buy your own businesses with no money down!

You'll learn:



Why being your own Business Broker is the fastest way to buy a business with none of your own money




How to organize a “Pooling Group” to raise cash quickly




8 tested techniques anyone can use to finance the purchase of a business with no money down




Simple ways to find sellers willing to sell for little or no money down




Why selling a portion of a business can be the easiest way to finance its purchase




How to MAKE MONEY buying a small business




How to make sure you never overpay for a business




The correct way to use public information to come up with a value for a business




How to quickly and easily evaluate a business financial statements




What you can learn from franchise companies that operate in the same industry in which you are buying a business




Where to find GRANT MONEY that you can use to buy a business




100s of sources of small business financing companies




How to approach owners of businesses you want to buy




How to determine the condition of a business to see if it is safe to buy it ü       Thorough understanding of the Due Diligence process




What you should always do when submitting an offer




In-depth coverage of Financial Statement (extremely useful for valuation)




Determining the true value of a business




How to effectively read Financial Statements (Income and Cash Flow statements, Balance sheet)




Effective Strategies for financing the purchase with no money down




Closing costs and down payment negotiations




How to use the Seller’s security deposits towards your down payment




Asset leveraging




Owner financing




Amortized Payment analysis




Structuring Lease-to-own financing options




The Pooling Group: An unconventional Source of Capital




Pooling Group Contribution Strategy




How to make money with Small Businesses even if you do not want to buy


Here is What You Will Get When You Purchase This Package



Buy Your Own Business Home Study Course - A Comprehensive Guide With $0-Down Strategies ($29.99 value): This practical 140-page guide teaches you the entire buy/sell process and presents several practical techniques which anyone can use (which the author has personally used) to buy small businesses with little or no capital. (.PDF - This EBook requires the free Adobe Reader)


Here is The Table of Contents:



Finding a Business to Purchase


How To Analyze The Financial Statements

Ø        Income Statement

Ø        Income Statement Analysis

Ø        Balance Sheet

Ø        Cash Flow Statement

Ø        Cash Flow Statement Analysis

Ø        Working Capital


The Buy / Sell Process

Ø        The Basics of Buying a Business

Ø        Evaluating The Purchase of a Business

Ø        The Business Case

Ø        The Financial Case

Ø        Comparable Business Valuation Analysis

Ø        Discounted Cash Flow

Ø        Combined Business Value

Ø        Due Diligence

Ø        Final Valuation Estimates


Overview of Legal and Tax Issues

Ø        Assets vs. Stock Purchase


Financing Strategies (How to buy a business even if you have little or money)

Ø        Introduction

Ø        General Overview

Ø        8 Practical and Quick Ways To Finance A Purchase With Little or no Money Down

Ø        Financing A Business With Investors’ Money

Ø        Writing an Effective Executive Summary

Ø        Where to Find Equity and Venture Funding on The Internet

Ø        No-Money-Down Acquisition Case Study


Small Business Management Primer

Ø        Maximize Your Equity (& Wealth) Through Growth

Ø        How Much is Your Business (And Wealth) Growing

Ø        Build An Empire Through Acquisition

Ø        Selling The Business And Cashing Out


Glossary & Index




BizVal Business Valuation System ($249.95 value) - Finding out how much a business is worth is easy, once you have this software! In just a matter of minutes the BizVal Business Valuation System will tell you what the business is worth. With just a few simple keystrokes, the program gives you the answer. It's quick and it's simple! And after the BizVal software is done, you can get a print out on paper to hand to your clients! (Runs on Microsoft Windows)


Screen print of the system





Business Valuation Spreadsheets ($24.99 value) - For those who are familiar with Microsoft Excel, as an added bonus, I am also giving away this comprehensive set of Excel Spreadsheets in a Workbook that has been coded to allow thorough analysis of a company’s financial. (Microsoft Excel Required)


Screen print of the system





All the Forms and Contracts  ($11.99 value) – you need to get started. The forms are also in electronic format if you decide to make changes to them.


Some of the documents included:





PLUS your free bonus Package (see below)

Your Free Bonus Package

(Usually cost $5,000+ when purchased from Franchise Operators)

Your bonus package is a complete Small Business Wealth Building Home-Based Business System. It is a step-by-step business plan that anyone can use to run and operate their own money-making Business Brokerage business with no need for startup capital.  

It contains everything you need to start your own business and requires absolutely no money to start. In this business, you will learn how to create wealth by helping existing small businesses owners who want to sell their business. 

As a potential buyer, you are in the best possible position to help a seller sell his or her business!

By becoming an intermediary to small businesses in your area, you essentially operate your own ‘Small Business Investment Bank’, brokering deals and getting paid a hefty commission for your efforts. 

This is the ideal business for anyone eager to earn lots of money and who has the determination and persistence needed to succeed. If you’re looking to buy your own business, this is the best home-based business to operate, while you’re looking for your own deals.

Here is What Your “Making Money With Business Brokerage” Bonus Pack Includes


Business Brokerage Primer:  This 40-page primer, believe it or not, has all you need to become an extremely successful and wealthy Business Brokerage. Business Brokerage is such a dynamic profession, you end up never buying your own, just working with business owners on deals to help them sell their business. In the process, you earn very generous fees (.PDF - This eBook requires the free Adobe Reader)


Here is The Table of Contents:



Introduction to the Business Brokerage  Profession

Ø        Who are Business Brokers and what do they do?

Ø        Typical duties of a Business Broker

Ø        What make this profession a critical piece of the Small to Mid-size Business Market?

Ø        Selected Industry Statistics

Ø        How a Broker earns money

Ø        Trade Organizations

Ø     Licensing Requirements


Practice Marketing

Ø        Using Piggy-Backing to sign-up clients

Ø        Use The Neighborhood Walk Technique to get listings

Ø        Signing-up Sellers With Traditional Marketing

Ø     Tracking Seller Leads

Ø        Meeting with the owner

Ø        How To Prepare The Business To Quickly Attract The Right Potential Buyers

Ø        How To Identify And Land Your Fist Qualified Buyer

Ø        Tracking Buyer Leads

Ø        How To Help Negotiate The Sale During Due Diligence, Site Visits, Etc.

Ø        Note On The Offer

Ø        How To Handle The Offer

Ø        How To Close And Get Paid

Ø        Businesses That Tend To Sell Quickly

Ø        Goal Implementation Forms

Quick Guide To Wealth Building With Business Brokerage

Ø        Commission Investment

Ø        Commission Investment Case Study

Ø        Practice Financial Progress Chart

Ø        Additional Ways To Generate Income From Your Practice


Appendix I: Managing Your Practice


Appendix II

Ø        Practice Management Forms;

Ø        Practice Marketing Documents




Practice Management Kit:  Everything to get you started fast. Contains all the forms, checklists, samples agreements and contracts, which you can use with your seller and buyers. (Documents are both in PDF and Text formats)



Practice Marketing Kit:  Everything you need to build a profitable client base that will boost your earning power and put you on your way to becoming financially independent. (Documents are both in PDF and Text formats)

Here is How You Can Make Tons of Money With Business Brokerage
(That’s In Addition To Making Money Buying Businesses With $0 Down!)

Broker the sales of small businesses and MAKE LOTS of money. Charge commissions between 5% and 12% of the sales price and set a minimum fee of $6,500 to $12,000, depending of the sale price.

Co-Broker sales with other business brokers. Expand your sales potential through co-brokering arrangements. Each year, 2.5 million businesses change hands, giving us a $360 billion market to earn big fees!

Establish solid relationships with Repeat and/or Corporate buyers.  With businesses changing hands every five years on average, you can have a great relationship with many past buyers and sellers assisting them in future transactions. (I have used this one many times!)

Earn fees by helping to Finance the purchases you broker. To illustrate the earning potential of this profit center, let's use the example of a trade school which wanted $1.5 million to expand overseas. The business had been operating for 15 years and had a solid track record. We identified an investor and earned a $70,000 fee!

Earn fees by providing Valuation services to owners before they sell. Some valuation experts charge $5,000 or more for this service and there is a need for it. You’ll learn all about valuation in this program.

Earn fees by writing business plans for owners who want to raise financing. Anyone looking to raise money from banks or investors have to have a business plan. 99% of business owners either don’t have the time, or do not know how to write business plans. That’s where you come in. You will learn about writing business plan in this program.

Skyrocket your fees with Commission Investment. This one is my favorite! One of the sweetest rewards of business brokerage is that you can own a piece of a never ending variety of businesses that appeal to you, without ever investing a dime of your own money. For example, I have invested my commission in a Laundromat and two proprietary schools, not to mention the businesses I still own today. This is the easiest way to build a fast fortune starting with absolutely nothing

How Much Would You Pay, To Start Growing Your Current Wealth?

Until now, it would take a big chunk of money out of your pocket plus months of struggle to learn the techniques presented in this package and bonus pack. This is now all available to you for a fraction of what it would cost to gain such sought-after knowledge.

Realize that this information could easily sell for thousands of dollars.  In fact, attending a seminar by a reputable attorney or intermediary could cost you in the neighborhood of $7,500 to $10,000. Easy!

But I am not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.  In fact, your total investment is just going to be the reduced price of $14.99. The cash that will be flowing through your pocket as a result of these proven techniques can very easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your small investment.

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’re buying it from me on the Internet, I have no inventory and fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone for me. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So we both win.

Act Today To Take Advantage of The Reduced Price of $14.99!

Plus you get ...

My Risk-Free 8-week No-Questions Asked Guarantee!

I am going to guarantee everything I say in this letter. If within the next 8 weeks you discover that this is not for you, I will promptly refund your money.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Order Now and Put Yourself on the Fast Track to Business Success!

You get “Buy Your Business Home Study Course PLUS the FREE home-based business brokerage system, including your bonus eBook Business Brokerage Primer”.

Downloadable Online Version: $14.99

(You will be able to immediately download the entire package and get started right away! PLUS, you pay no shipping fee!)

Click Here To Order


I wish you all the best!

Rudy LeCorps

P.S.- Remember, this one-time payment will be an investment in your financial future that will continue to pay you ample cash rewards for many, many years to come!.

This product, and the content of this website, are under the sole ownership of and are copyrighted to © RGL Publishing. 2006
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