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Start Your Own Lucrative Business Brokerage Practice

Even If You Have Very Little Or no Money To Start!

Here's How You Can Earn A Substantial Yearly Income As A Home-Based Business Broker (Even If You Don’t Have Any Money To Start).


Rudy LeCorps

RGL Publishing

Dear Friend:

If you're looking for the fastest way to start your own business, from your home, starting with very little or no cash - and you want to earn a substantial income – keep reading.

In the letter you’re reading, you will find all you need to know to start your own business brokerage practice...from your own home. From a home office, from your den, from your kitchen table, from your bedroom if you need to!

Even if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, there's no reason why you can't get started right away, even if you have no money.

Own An Extremely Lucrative Business Brokerage Practice While Building Your Assets & Eliminating Debt

That's the beauty of business brokerage. You can build a successful business, pay off your debts, and build a dream life of success for yourself and your family.

You can start your business with very little, or no money and still keep your regular job until you know your business is a success. Many people have started this way and found the lifestyle, freedom and happiness they'd been seeking for years.

And best of all, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. Once your business is up and running, you can get as big as you want to get. You can stay a small one-man operation, or you can get employees, offices, and grow as big as you want.

Some of the most famous companies in America started out as one-man businesses: Goldman Sachs, Dell, Virgin Group, and many more.

Without a doubt, Business Brokerage, a multi-billion dollar industry, is one of the last businesses left in the world that anyone can realistically afford to start, from home, in their spare time, and yet have the opportunity to grow as big and as fast as they want.

And it's a fantastic business, because your customers are, just like you, entrepreneurs, business owners, visionaries, risk takers, AND, they love what you do for them.

Your “Clients” Desperately Need What You Do For Them!

To small business owners, a skilled business broker who can help to sell a business is the most important person in the world. They don’t want to spend all kinds of time finding a qualified buyer for their prized and successful business. They don’t want to decide on the best price for which to sell the business, they want expert advice. Finally, they don’t want to waste time speaking with potential buyers when they’re busy running their company.

Fact is, small business owners do not have time to sell their own business and are willing to pay a hefty fee (normally $12,000 or more) to a competent broker.

But the reason I'm writing to you today is to tell you that now there's a fast-track and affordable new program that can teach you the insider secrets of business brokerage in no time at all.

It's a program that takes you by the hand and leads you through all the steps necessary to build and operate your practice and make as much money as you want.

This program is so comprehensive, it will even teach you all the tricks and techniques you need to buy your own businesses with no money down! That is, if you decide, like I did, to start buying businesses for yourself!

You'll learn about:

The quickest way to identify those who want to sell their business...

The most efficient way to analyze and price a business for a quick sale…

The most efficient way to find buyers for businesses you’re selling...

What the most successful brokers do - and how to do the exact same thing...

The most common mistakes - and how to avoid them...

Finding businesses you can buy for yourself with no money down...

These are the secrets that helped me go from deep in debt to where I am today...

High Profits (Six-Figure Income) In Business Brokerage

This relatively new profession is making big news as a high income business. You can either conduct your business from the comfort of your home or from a traditional office. In addition, you can start with virtually no cash and start making big money right away.

Here’s why making money is not difficult in this business:


A Large Market. It is estimated that 18% of businesses are sold each year in the U.S., and there are approximately $360 billion worth of businesses sold each year. That's big money!


High Selling Price. Industry survey has shown that the average small business selling price is about $250,000.


High Success Fees. The average commission to a broker who sells a business is $18,300 or more.


High Yearly Income. According to the latest information in The Business Reference Guide, the average home-based business broker earns between $300,000 and $400,000 in annual commissions. Some earn millions.


No overhead. You can start right where you are, in the comfort of your home, and pocket all your fees as profits.


No License Required. There are no specific business broker’s license requirements and just 16 states require you to have a real estate agent license (AK, AZ, CA, FL, GA, ID, MI, MN, NE, NV [the state of NV also requires a permit], OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, WY, and IL requires a registration process only). Getting a real estate license is relatively easy and has never stopped anyone from succeeding in this fantastic business. (We do, however, recommend that you confirm with your state whether or not you need a Business Broker's permit to operate your practice. That can generally be done by calling your State's Department of State. In addition, please note that, unless you are a real estate agent, you can't sell a business if the sale includes real estate.)

"Of all the businesses I've owned this is the best business I've ever been involved in."

-- Business Broker

A Recession And Inflation Proof Business

Business Brokerage is one of the last professions that is virtually unaffected by recession and inflation.

More people tend to move to new areas...more people want to earn more money...many are locked into salaried jobs.

Their Choices?

Stay and deplete savings, or use those savings to buy an existing business with net earnings that meet their needs.

There's an abundance of sellers, too.

Making this business even more attractive is the fact that the baby-boomer generation is aging fast and many of them are business owners, adding millions to the pool! The bottom line is this: Whether or not the Economy is good, You Will Make Money. And lots of it too, if you know what to do.

“We know that small business is the engine that will drive us into the 21st century... You employ most of the people, create more than half of what we produce and sell, and create most of the new jobs, and we need to respond to that. Small business is the American Dream."

President Bill Clinton, at a White House Conference on Small Business

You Can Start Even If You Have No Initial Capital

I started in this business with no money to market my service. However, after three months, I had signed up 5 businesses to sell, and was actively presenting them to possible buyers. Since I didn’t have any startup capital, I used plenty of sweat equity. I called people, walked into local businesses, delivered “homemade” flyers, went to networking meetings...

Anything I could do, I did! And it didn’t cost me a dime but my time!

Six months after signing up my first business, I had sold two businesses and got my first checks. My nominal fees for selling those two businesses added up to exactly $102,000 (although I did not receive the entire amount all at once). One business sold for $3,000,000, the other for $200,000.

Since then, I have not only brokered several transactions, but I have also purchased businesses of my own. And, the best part is that I bought those businesses using none of my own money, which I will talk about in a minute...

Since I started I've learned techniques about business brokerage that I'll share with you in my course. “Secrets” that can help you do the same thing I did, only much faster, and much easier. You don't need to make the mistakes I made - mistakes which can slow you down.

“Home-based business brokers can make a profit with a relatively small number of sales per year...

Finding people who want to buy a business is not difficult. Brokers tell us that advertising in the business-opportunities sections of newspapers draws six to twelve inquiries per ad. Nine out of ten people who buy businesses are first-time buyers.”


If, you are well organized, and like dealing with people and helping them solve their problems, then this high-income professional home-based business is for you! And, with my help, you can get started immediately.

Hundreds Have Paid Thousands To Get Into This Business
Here Is Your Special Offer To Get Started For Less Than A Penny A Day

Now you can profit from what you’ll learn without spending thousands. That's because all you need is spelled out in my new step-by-step Business Brokerage home study program. You'll profit wildly from my years of experience.

What Franchisors Are Charging For Similar Packages

Franchisor No. 1

Franchisor No. 2

Franchisor No. 3

Startup Cash Required: $2,5000 – $50,000

Investment Required: 65000 – $100,000

Startup Cash Required: Unspecified

Investment Required: Unspecified

Initial investment: between $25,000 and $50,000 USD.

Initial Franchise Fee: $17,500 US dollars.

Monthly royalties: $400 US dollars or 5.0% of the gross sales of the Office

Well, I’ve got great news for you! You will not have to pay anywhere near that. My program will cost you much less, and you WILL be making money with what you learn. Follow this foolproof system, and you can have an avalanche of cash flowing into your pocket within the next 3 to 6 months.

Accept my risk-free offer, and you'll be able to...

Broker the sales of small businesses and MAKE LOTS of money. Charge commissions between 5% and 12% of the sales price and set a minimum fee of $6,500 to $12,000, depending of the sale price.

Co-Broker sales with other business brokers. Expand your sales potential through co-brokering arrangements. Each year, 2.5 million businesses change hands, giving us a $360 billion market to earn big fees!

Establish solid relationships with Repeat and/or Corporate buyers. With businesses changing hands every five years on average, you can have a great relationship with many past buyers and sellers assisting them in future transactions. (I have used this one many times!)

Earn fees by helping to Finance the purchases you broker. To illustrate the earning potential of this profit center, let's use the example of a trade school which wanted $1.5 million to expand overseas. The business had been operating for 15 years and had a solid track record. We identified an investor and earned a $70,000 fee!

Earn fees by providing Valuation services to owners before they sell. Some valuation experts charge $5,000 or more for this service and there is a need for it. You’ll learn all about valuation in this program. You even get a FREE software to do the valuation for you.

Earn fees by writing business plans for owners who want to raise financing. Anyone looking to raise money from banks or investors have to have a business plan. 99% of business owners either don’t have the time, or do not know how to write business plans. That’s where you come in. You will learn about writing business plan in this program.

Skyrocket your fees with Commission Investment. This one is my favorite! One of the sweetest rewards of business brokerage is that you can own a piece of a never ending variety of businesses that appeal to you, without ever investing a dime of your own money. For example, I have invested my commission in a Laundromat and two proprietary schools, not to mention the businesses I still own today. This is the easiest way to build a fast fortune starting with absolutely nothing.

I hope that by now, you agree with me that you can build a huge profit stream, create your own handsome month-after-month income, explode your net worth, and save yourself the usual grief and aggravation.

Getting Started: What to Do First
It's Not What You Might Think...

Normally you’d be given the following advice if you wanted to start your own business.

Consult with a lawyer to make sure you set up the right legal structure.

Check with the county clerk’s office to make sure "they permit a business like yours from a home office."

Buy business insurance and "talk to an accountant" to make sure you're not missing anything.

Get a toll-free number (to give the impression that your business is big).

Invest in great business cards and letterheads.

Well, I’ve got news for you! That kind of advice will drive you right into the failure pit, unless of course, you have the money to do these things.

You’re probably wondering why.

Because every one of these suggestions involves:

spending money and

complicating you life

None of these activities involves creating cash to flow into your pocket. And that is the single most important thing you need to do, especially when you start with nothing, like I did.

You won't get your business off the ground that way. Instead,


Don't do anything you don't have to do until you have sold your first business. Setting up a corporation, buying insurance, and getting your local status secured is a waste of time when starting up a home based business brokerage practice.


After you have made the first sale, make another one. And then another one. And then, print business cards. Don't worry about stationery. Just keep making sales.


Once you are confident of your ability (and if you follow my advice you will be) to close on transactions, it is time to organize a marketing plan so you can roll-out your practice for good. This may involves hiring other brokers, moving into an office, advertising, etc.


Notify regulators and government agencies AFTER your first sale when you do have money coming in and must pay your taxes. Doing so beforehand is useless.

This is how I did it. You can learn from me or do your own thing and waste time and money. But I will repeat, SELL, SELL, SELL, until you’ve sold your first business and the money begins to roll in!

This program is built on real-world, tried and true experience. Follow my advice and you will succeed.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside My Business Brokerage Program...
Why Not Get Started Today?

You will literally receive an arsenal of powerful tools. You may not need all of them right away. But as you build your practice and wealth, I guarantee that you'll love referring back to them. Because every time you do, you'll find a new tool for exploding your profits and taking you to the next level.

A digital (PDF) copy of our detailed and comprehensive Home Study Course “Start & Operate Your Own Lucrative Business Brokerage Practice”. (Value: $149.97)

BizVal Business Valuation System. Finding out how much a business is worth is easy, once you have this software! In just a matter of minutes the BizVal Business Valuation System will tell you what the business is worth. With just a few simple keystrokes, the program gives you the answer. It's quick and it's simple! And after the BizVal software is done, you can get a print out on paper to hand to your clients! (Runs on Microsoft Windows) (Value: $249.95)

Screen print of the system

Business Valuation Spreadsheets. For those who are familiar with Microsoft Excel, as an added bonus, I am also giving away this comprehensive set of Excel Spreadsheets in a Workbook that has been coded to allow thorough analysis of a company’s financial. (Microsoft Excel Required) (Value: $49.99)

Screen print of the system

All the Forms and Contracts you need to immediately start your practice. The forms are also in electronic format if you decide to make changes to them (Value: $59.95)


Some of the documents included:

PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE PHONE AND E-MAIL CONSULTATION WITH ME UNTIL YOU SELL YOUR FIRST BUSINESS. I Even Help You Get You Your First Client! (This is the cornerstone of this package and it is priceless)

My complete lifetime guarantee. If you find out later that Business Brokerage is not for you, just send me an e-mail and I will refund your money without asking any questions (even after you’ve had the chance to review it for free!)

Here's a testimonial from a customer who has used the program...

"Using your program, I went from nothing to owning a small chain of Laundromats with $264,000 in equity.

The best part is, I did not take any cash out of my pocket. I accumulated the equity by using commission investment a few times. Thanks for all your help!"

-- M. Daniel, NJ

How Much Would You Pay For Such Valuable Information?

Until now, it would take a big chunk of money out of your pocket plus months of struggle to learn the techniques presented in this package. This is now all available to you for a fraction of what it would cost to gain such sought-after knowledge.

Realize that this information sells for thousands of dollars. In fact, just attending a 1-day seminar by a reputable attorney or intermediary could cost you in the neighborhood of $7,500 to $10,000. Easy!

But I am not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, I’ll make it so easy for you to afford it that even if you’re on a budget, you can still grab this lifetime opportunity.

Business Brokerage Home Study Package


(This is a digital download, there is no shipping & handling charge!)


Click Here To Order


The cash that will be flowing through your pocket as a result of these proven techniques can very easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your small investment.

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’re buying it directly from me, I have no distribution, wholesaler and retailer costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone for me. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So we both win.

100% Lifetime Risk-Free Guarantee!

This step-by-step program arms you with the same secrets for which people pay thousands to the franchise companies. What you pay me is a modest amount compared to these high-priced seminars, franchise fees and courses. However, even at that price, I am still willing to back up my promise to you by giving you a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, to protect your small investment in my program.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, return the entire package at any time for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.

Plus, I’ll always be here to help you. If you don't understand something about this program or if you have any questions - you can send me an e-mail at I check my mail daily and guarantee that I'll respond to your e-mail and do anything I can to help you succeed as a business broker.


Rudy LeCorps

P.S.- Remember, the fee for this course will be an investment in your financial future that will continue to pay you ample cash rewards for many, many years to come!

This product, and the content of this website, are under the sole ownership of and are copyrighted to © RGL Publishing. 2006
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